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Primary trigger set up for 89 7mgte

Introduction to Engine Tuning

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Hey guys I’m having trouble trying to set the primary trigger for my ecumaster emu black I dropped in a base map but it doesn’t seem to be right as my timing is way off I’ve tried finding a thread explaining how the cps works but no luck so hope some one is familiar with the cps in the 7mgte settings I have so far

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Do you have a scope log?

How is it wired in? with VR sensors you can wire them backwards (reverse polarity) and it still works but throws the timing off by a few degrees.

Have you used a timing light and locked the ignition to say 10* and matched the value in the ecu to what the timing light shows?

It’s just the stock wiring and stock cps and I locked the timing advance but it at like a 20-25 degree delay right now

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