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Recommendation for a ecu.. porsche 997

Introduction to Engine Tuning

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I'm working on a 997 cup porsche and need to swap the ecu.

It's running a NA setup 3.8ltr at 460hp with a Bosch motorsports ms3.1 ecu.

We are going to boost it.. so we need to swap the ecu.

What works best with this engine?

And can handle 2 can connections 1 for a aim steering wheel/ dash.. and 1 for a paddledhift gcu.

And it needs to be able to give a ignition cut with a voltage as the trigger ( 2.5v normally going to 3.9v when the cut is required)

I'm looking at the ecumaster pro16.

I would choose the ECU based on capability and the quality of technical support. That's an expensive project, the time spent will probably exceed the cost of the hardware, so be sure to get good hardware / support so it will take less time get get working properly.

Have you identified the feature you need?

-- Is the engine direct injected?

-- Does it have variable cam timing (how many cams)

-- is the OEM trigger pattern supported by the ECU?

-- Does it have drive-by-wire? How many throttles?

-- What sensors / output will be needed for your turbo setup (boost control?, turbo speed?, spray bars?, etc)

Engine has port injection.

4 variable cams.

No dbw

Trigger wheel is a 60-2

And it's going to run a Ruf compressor kit.

So no need for boost control.

The new ecu needs to support the other sensors on the engine.. 2 wideband sensors and the rest is all bosch motorsports.

So I don't think the sensors are a problem

Tuner familiarity and David's questions, plus any "special features" you may need will combine to reveal the best option.

I find most Porsche guys converting from a Bosch ECU for similar reasons are happiest switching to Motec because they've generally heard of it being used on Porsche race cars and feel it will be a proper solution for their vehicle, but the truth is there are a number of options that can suit those needs.

If the ECUMasters unit supports everything you've mentioned you need, and that's your go to ECU, go for it.

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