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hey there...even if there this module was detailed i would like to ask if anyone can give me some more details about reprogramming an ecu for example what programming language is it used, is it an option for factory ecus or can it be used in standalones ecus to implement another functions such as communicating with the immobilizer module?? thank you

Sorry this is a little beyond the scope of our courses. We don't get involved with reprogramming the way a factory ECU works sorry and I'm not even too sure where I could suggest you look for that kind of info.

Almost every ECU uses an off the shelf general purpose microcontroller with a bunch of additional hardware for specific tasks like knock control.

Industry standard language for microcontrollers is C/C++, but some parts of the code are written in ASM. The only ECU with open firmware that I know about is MegaSquirt. You can download firmware source code here: . Also some Bosch Motorsport ECU can run custom additional code if needed.

Modification of existing firmware is possible, and in Russia we have a lot of custom firmwares for our domestic ECUs installed on LADAs. But without the source code of the firmware you will need to convert firmware's machine readable code to somewhat human readable format (this is called disassembly) and edit the ASM code directly. Also, this activity may be illegal in some places depending on license agreements and laws.

NB: I'm not ECU firmware/hardware specialist by any means, but I have a MD in Computer Architechture