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I have a 2004 Infiniti G35 that was just rebuilt and i'm in the infancy of learning to tune. I'm using the basic 350Z N/A map that Haltech provides with all of there products. I've watched a lot of the webinars and got the basics down but my problem is my car is rev hunting when i try to let it idle. If i hold the throttle i can get it to say at the correct RPM and A/F Ratio.

I'm using a older Haltech Redbox Piggyback System on my Stock ECU. The piggyback system doesn't allow me to change my idle RPMs unfortunately.

I'm not familiar with that system but I'll assume the stock ECU is still controlling the DBW throttle and this may be where the issue is since the idle speed is controlled via the throttle. I'd check that the AFR is stable in the idle areas as well as the ignition timing. beyond this I'd also be checking that the factory ECu isn't reporting any errors.