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Thinking of getting the whole EFI tuning starter package but...

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I'm thinking of getting the whole EFI tuning starter package, and I assume that it has "road tuning" module somewhere. I understand the drawbacks, pros and cons, of road tuning vs dyno tuning, but dyno time is expensive ("only" US$100 per hour, but in a 3rd world country, that's a LOT).

(actually waiting for some mega coupon code like I saw several months back, or even over a year ago, haha)

Was thinking of getting the course, play around with my own car (4AGE, Adaptronic not yet installed, stock ECU at the moment), tune it just for the road to practice the art of tuning, then maybe strike up a conversation with a dyno owner (maybe show him a certificate, what I've done, etc). They'll most likely ask their staff to be the one in the driver's seat (but I watched that Andre did that before - not ideal, but better than nothing), until they can be confident that I know what I'm doing.

So, is getting the course, then have access ONLY to road tuning, a feasible way to start?

So the short answer is yes, road tuning is viable. I spent the first few years of my tuning career only road tuning and I still managed to get very good results. Of course the dyno is better but as you say, dyno time is expensive and in some countries we have members there are no dynos so there's little option.

I think your plan is really solid and the 4AGE is a pretty forgiving engine to start tuning on. A lot of our members use the road tuning modules in the course to get themselves up to speed with the tuning process and get their tune dialled in pretty closely before hiring 1-2 hours of dyno time to fine tune the ignition.