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Tuner Secrets

Introduction to Engine Tuning

Relevant Module: Dyno Basics > What is a Dyno?

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Why are most tuners secretive about their methods and how they learn?

Why isn't there job shadowing for EFI tuning?

I find that most secrets are because someone is embarrassed they don't know what they are doing. Or perhaps they are in a market where their efforts really will be stolen.

This is an excellent place to learn EFI tuning, just watching (and understanding) all the past webinars will put you far ahead of some of these "secret" tuners.

Fortunately you've found HPA, where great tuners like Andre are sharing their knowledge!

I would agree with David, some may be complete cowboys that don't want people knowing how messed up their work is, and others, the good ones, may have spent a great deal of money learning what does, and doesn't work, and be reluctant to give that away for free, or where other, less honest, "tuners" can just copy and sell as their own work.

While it's frustrating, I can understand the latter viewpoint, as it can be WELL into 6 figures by the time they have a product they're happy with selling.

It's a strange thing to be a tuner as there are no any standards nor defined criteria on who can ba called a tuner. For instance if you want to become an electrician there are certain criteria that you have to meet, otherwise you won't be certified and noone will recognise you as an electrician. With tuning it's very frustrating since anyone can claim he is a tuner. That makes it very difficult to choose the right people to listen to... For instance, we have a team near by who run their jz car as fast as 8.0ET but yet not knowing some basics about internal combustion engine. There many cases like that and you end up with lots of different opinions as everyone thinks his way is absolutely correct since he has some achievements and it's working. And don't you dare to tell them that they are not right about something- you'll be the number one enemy for good. Being through a few situations like that in my life I found that it's notworth it and i choose to remain silent quite often even if i know the right answer- very often it's just not appreciated but instead turned into controversial subject so you just tell to yourself that you don't want to waste your time...

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