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Introduction to Engine Tuning

Relevant Module: Tuning Options > What is better - Dyno Tuning or Road Tuning?

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Please show visuals (real-time or taped) of tunes in progress


Can you elaborate on what you're hoping for please? I'm not quite sure I understand exactly what you're requesting. Thanks!

Like showing a live tuning session and explaining the adjustments you're making to the tune while it's happening.

Have you looked at some of these webinars -- they have the type of content you are asking about:


Click the "EFI Tuning" section - you will find webinars showing live tuning of various features with many different stand-alone ECUs or reflash systems.

You may be able to open the tutorial on the relevant part of the course, and the webinar?

If you have dual screens, or can use two devices (don't know if logging in from two devices can be done at the same time, for the same account) it would be even better, as you wouldn't need to swap between tabs/windows.

The worked examples are essentially what you're after. They are included with practical reflash or standalone tuning courses for example.

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