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Using clutch pressure for launch control?

Launch Control

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Theoretically, could you use a clutch fluid pressure sensor to trigger the launch control? A 0-5V pressure sensor connected to the analog input on the ECU.

It may work ok on some clutches. I have tried it only on one car and the pressure was not very useful as it initially went up as you start to press the pedal, but then after about half travel it starts to drop again. I assume due to the diaphragm spring going over center.

Thank you for your insight.

If you are able to set a threshold voltage for the switch point where the clutch is considered disengaged, then as long as the voltage didn't drop down below this point again with the clutch pedal fully depressed then this could be used as a switch to trigger the launch control. Some ECU's will also allow the use of clutch pressure directly as the trigger point.

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