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Adding launch control and flat shifting to a plug in g4+

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Hi guys, looking at setting up launch control, flat shifting, possibly boost by speed and traction control to My Nissan S14 Silvia. H pattern gearbox.

it’s a non ABS model and has no clutch pedal switch from factory, I have converted to E-Throttle and only speed sensor is on the gearbox as per factory.

I’m after recommendations on what brand and style of sensors and switches to use, are the factory style clutch switches good enough? Hall effect or magnetic style speed sensor etc and best way to set it up, mainly focusing on flat shifting and launch control at first. Cheers

The standard gearbox speed sensor will probably do you fine. A non-driven wheel speed sensor is probably better for launch where there could be significant wheel slip on the driven wheels but it will depend on what you are trying to achieve. The easiest option to get non-driven wheel speed is usually something like a GS100507 pointed at the back of the wheel studs or similar feature on the hub.

For clutch switch-based flatshift you will want some type of switch which activates near the top of clutch pedal travel, with preferably some means to adjust its switch point.


Cool thanks!

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