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AEM UEGO Widband Wiring

Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial

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so i got this wideband with its gauge which got the bosch lsu 4.2 sensor, and tried to wire it to link using Anv 4,5,6 and got all the parameters right but i dont have any kind of readings as the picture shows i took the 0-5v white wire and connected it to the Anv and used cal 4 with lambda units and 0v:0.683

4.99v:1.363 , the gauge works with no issues but cant get the link to read any signal, its a link g4+ storm


Can you measure the AEM output voltage with a voltmeter? Does that agree with the Link voltage reading?

Its 5 Volts each, do i have to wire the ground of the aem to the ecu or the signal wire should do it?

Do you get a different voltage if you measure between the AEM signal ground and the AEM signal? If so, then you need to connect the signal ground from a AEM to the ECU.

I’ll try this one, thanx david

Can you attach or share your tune file, I will take a look at your settings.

Make sure the analog input error high and error low settings are set to something that is not going to interfere with normal operation (you can set low to 0.00 and high to 5.00 to disable the fault settings). Also to diagnose you can temporarily set the analog input function to "Voltage 0-5V" then the software will display the raw voltage so you can compare to what the AEM is meant to be outputting.

I did set the input error to 0 low and 5 at high and did tried set it to raw voltage and got 6.7 volts???! Isn’t that something, in this case what shall i do to it?

"and got 6.7 volts???"

You are doing something wrong because our ECU's cant even measure or display anything above 5.0V. Please share your tune file so I can take a look at the basics.

Appreciate it Adam, solved the issue.. there were a loose in the signal wire that connects to the Anv

so its all good now.,,

thanx for the help

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