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antilag not enabling

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hi everyone how are you i have a problem setting up my antilag

i did all the correct setting for antilag but when i go WOT on idle car will not go above 4000 rpm will try to build boost can it cant and no pop and bangs of antilag even the ignition will not retard what is my problem

in the reply

also everytime i use GTT R34 to tune my engine RB25DET first time i WOT then tune the car second time it will blow piston rings so i need a new set of piston rings

Please attach a PC log of you testing anti-lag and a copy of your tune file.

Also can you explain your definition of "anti-lag" or what you are trying to achieve better? Your description above "but when i go WOT on idle" doesnt describe what most people would call anti-lag. Antilag is used to reduce turbo lag when the throttle is closed, it will be completely disabled at WOT. Maybe you mean launch control "two step" or something?

i dont have a log right now but what i mean my car is a drift car and i use antilag for turbo lag i dont mean launch control

My description above "but when i go WOT on idle is that the car is 800rpm idling i start moving or even if not moving i press the throttle full throttle WOT and i have 4000 rpm enable antilag and 40% TP enable antilag i go beyond these and let go the throttle nothing happens and it goes back to idle and some time it will not let me even pass 4000 rpm

https://ufile.io/p1zlj this is the link to file i didn't find any attach icon

What are you using to bypass the anti-lag air? Is your throttle blade locked open say 20% full time or are you using a solenoid or throttle kicker etc?

my throttle is not locked it is 0% at 1000 rpm closed no air is bypassing it should it be open for air to come through when i am not touching the throttle ?

Yes of course you will need extra air bypassed for anti-lag. You need fuel, air and an ignition source for combustion...

ok i opened my throttle 20% and locked it there with 2000rpm cyclic idle with the same setting in the file and when i full throttle then remove my leg from throttle it just pops 1 time and when i try to move with the car it will hit 3000rpm and cut there power

Please do a PC Log of you testing this antilag and attach the log and a copy of your tune file here, I will take a look. Here is a guide how to set up and run the PC Log: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_P1LRANeO4A

here is the log file https://ufile.io/1wja3 but this one was done when my throttle was normal not locked to 20% but the same problem occurs even after i lock throttle 20% 2000rpm

Your log shows Anti-lag is at least working in some areas. It is likely just not aggressive enough due to your settings and no air. You didnt attach your tune file so I cant advise what settings are wrong. To help I will need a copy of the tune file and a log with the throttle locked open.

https://ufile.io/p1zlj this is my tune file and as soon as i do the locked throttle i will post the log

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