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banging sound on cuttoff

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hi , how are you all ,

is there any one , who can help me , how can i make a bang sound on the rev cutoff ? link ?

2 jz engine with turbo ,

thanks and regards .

are you meaning the rev limiter?

If so if you use the ignition cut limiter and advanced features you can make a very hard ignition cut which will allow unburnt fuel to enter the turbo/exhaust which will self ignite from the heat causing your 'bangs', it's worth noting that this will put massive strains on the exhaust wheel of the turbo and bearings which could/will break things.

Hi chris , yes i meant the rev limiter , thank you for your answer . Some of them ask for the banging sound , to show off and influence the audience , as i told them " its not recommended ". . .

and i am also increasing the numbers in the ignition trims ( -10 to -15 ) Digrees . Its in the advances mode , in the rpm limits .

Is that right chris ?

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