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Correct setting for ECU Temp Sensor

Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial

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Hi all,

I recently got my 22rte back on the road and the setup is running on a Link Atom II with the G4+ Software.

I have a stock 84-88 Toyota Ecu Coolant Temp sensor like the one pictured (m12x1.5)

It isn't reading correctly, I tries the Bosch NTP and the Cal 1 table. Anyone know what setting to use for a 80's Era Toyota Sensor? Sensor is new but still the square plug Toyota variant.

If no setting exist, what Sensor is recommended that has the same thread pattern?


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Nearly all denso sensors use the standard bosch curve so that is odd for it not to work for you - it is possibly a Chinese clone which tend to be a bit like a game of Russian Roulette.

If you can you measure the resistance at 20deg (or whatever your common room temp is), the resistance at 0deg (in a cup of ice water) and the resistance at 100deg (in a kettle of boiling water). Then report those 3 resistances and I can generate a cal for you.

Thank you for the reply. I did a manual calibration last night at many different temps and recorded resistance values. I went ahead and input everything in my Cal 1 table (setup for F and Ohm) and was still getting temperatures that didn't match values I knew to be true.

It must be as you suspect a cheap Chinese variant and possibly even a faulty sensor, or my measurement were inaccurate. A new Bosch NTC 0280130026 is only 15 bucks so I think I will pick one up to make life easier.

Thank you all for the help! It's much appreciated.

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