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Dead times and FT

Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial

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Hey There,

I have been tuning with open source (ECU Flash) for years now and what I learned is that the dead times are never what the manufacture says they are. My question is will the LinkECU be dead on with these numbers, or will I have to log FT like I have always done and adjust the dead times. Also I am a bit confused on the injector size input on the link. Again with the open source you plug in the injector size (scaling) to add or lean out your trims.




Here's a webinar Andre done on adjusting for millisecond based fuel tables. If you're using the VE based then once the injector information is entered then things tend to go smoothly. Unless the information is junk like you get from cheaper injectors

In the standalone world we use the injector manufacturers dead time data. There is always a little bit of discrepancy though depending on the injector driver that the injector was tested on. For example the injector driver in a Link G4+ will likely operate the injector slightly differently than a Motec M800.

The operation of a standalone ECU is a little different to an OE ECU and you aren't relying on fuel trims as such to guide you with injector scaling or deadtime. Instead you're tuning the fuel/VE table to achieve your desired lambda/AFR target. If the ECU is VE based then you'll need to enter the injector flow data, however if it's a ms based fuel model then injector size is accounted for in the master injector pulse width instead.

Can you explain the traditional master pulse width to me ? I'm not sure I am grasping this concept . It seems to me this is just an arbitrary number that can be changed to whatever you want . So to large of a number and scaling of the fuel map becomes to large and the numbers entered become less sensitive to change and vise versa if the number is to small ? I just don't understand how this method gives you accurate info about the injectors being used or am I missing the whole concept period ?

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