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ECU internal lgging

Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial

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Hi everyone,

Sorry if i misspalced question - my question is - where can i configure ECU internal logging data in Link G4 plugin?

And can you give me some tips on setup internal logging - i dont want to use external switch for logging, as i very short on inputs, and i use it as always on, and the log files i get from ecu is quite wierd they are of a strange length defenetley not the lenght of interval the car was running.

An i found one more problem - at the moment internal logging not logging down wideband 1 ( So the logging is almost useless in terms of tune correction to race enviroment.

If you go to 'Logging' -> 'Logging Setup' there is a tab at the top of the window for 'ECU Logging'. If you update to the latest firmware, you'll have the ability to log 25 channels instead of just 10 too.

I am currently ECU logging; RPM, Ignition angle, ECT, IAT, MGP, TP Main, VVT Positon, VVT Target, Lambda 1, Wheel speed, knock level, AFR Target.

Hope that helps :-)

Somehow i dont have ECU logging tab.

Guess i need to update to latest firmware.

Or maybe my old ECU don't support it.

Press 'Esc' to open the 'ECU Settings' pop out menu on the left of the screen. If you type 'ECU' in the top search box you will see the option 'ECU Logging'. Click on that and you will be able to turn on ECU logging. Make sure you change the default logging rate to something useful - Default rate is 1 Hz which is only really any use for something like air temp or engine temp. 20 Hz is a good place for most of your logging needs.

Thx Andre.

I found that tab, but there i cant select what inputs ECU will log.

Guess i need to update firmware and try again.

The logging on the G4 was a little more basic than the G4+. It automatically logs a fixed data set that you can'r select.

SO there is no way to log Wideband even if i Update firmware?

Yes, the AV1-11 inputs are logged so if you have a wideband connected via one of these it will automatically be logged. See the attached pic for a list of logged parameters in the G4. Note that this is available in the online help file too.

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