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Evo 9 psteer

Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial

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Sorry to asking so many questions. For my evo 9 MR, I have the psteer on AN5. How do I configure link ecu to recognise the changes in AN5 to understand psteer is in use?

i wish for link to idle up when psteer is 0v (when turning the steering wheel)

currently my idle drops low when I’m turning power steering

As per my reply on your facebook post they other day, all you need to do is set AN Volt 5 to Power steer switch and it should work. Check "on level" is set to low. There are no further settings needed for the PS input. You can then look at the runtimes screen, general tab under DI internal status to confirm the Power steer input shows active when you move the steering. From there the only other thing that is relevant is the "power steer step" in the idle control settings.

If you cant work it out just look at the Evo9 base map that is included in PC Link, it is already st up correctly.

As I said in that same facebook post you will also need to set up idle ignition control as typically stepper motor idle valves arent fast enough to take care of this type of load on its own.

Thank you Adam! Makes so much sense now.

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