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Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial

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Do not know if this has been asked again but couldn't find it . When dealing with a PnP ECU Link provides the pin out so you know what goes where but what happens when you want to use extra outputs/inputs which you do not know where they go ? I have An Volt 1 , 2 , 3 on my main car loom and AN Volt 4 , 5 . 6 on my expansion loom but if I wan to use AN Volt 7 or 8 how am I supposed to know which pin out that is ?

Thank you

Which application and generation of G4 are you working with, is it a G4+?

Yes , G4+ Plug n Play for Honda and GTR's

Looking at the manual you need a second expansion loom to get the extra AN Volt inputs

So does that mean I can not use remaining unused oem pin outs ? For example there is no knock sensor input , which an input am I supposed to use ? Am I supposed to re-wire it or cut the oem loom ?

You'd need to speak with the technical guys at Link about the knock wire but any other unused switch or input can usually be re-purposed, i.e. AC request can be a switch for maps/boost levels

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