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Flat Foot Shift G4X

Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial

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How to set-up "Flat Foot Shift for G4X?

Synchro or dog box? H pattern or seq? Strain gauge or DI as shift request?

Oh, and which specific ECU do you have?

Synchro Box with Clutch Switch

350Z G4X Plug and Play

Thank You,


Some suggested starting settings below. Note, I think the factory clutch switch on DI6 is in series with the brake switch (for cruise control cancel) so wont be any good for gear shift. You may have to wire the clutch switch to its own input. I have used DI8 in this example.

Things you will need to adjust;

Start shift validation - this is how long the clutch switch needs to be active for before the shift cut is initiated. Its setting will depend how far down the pedal travel your switch activates.

Driven upshift torque reduction time - This is how long the cut is applied for. Around 200-250ms is common for a synchro gear box. Often less in higher gears.

Driven upshift Torque introduction time - this is how slowly the cut is removed once it has timed out. Less powerful cars will need little, more powerful cars may need the power brought back in slower.

Driven upshift cut - this is the percentage cut applied. 90% means 90 out of every 100 sparks are cut, effectively a torque reduction of 90%. This is highly gearbox and car specific, 75-100% is common.

I should have added this is just for 1/4 mile Drag Racing.

This is now a lot different than the G4+ Flat Foot Shift.

Thank You Adam for spending the time to help me out..... :)

Tim Hampton

This particular function has changed very little from G4+, all the settings I have suggested above were available in G4+ also. But there are several ways you can do it - I have seen some users just using a 2nd rev limit for flat shift for instance, so you may be used to something different in the past just because someone chose to do it that way. But this method should give you the best result for the inputs you have.

Thanks Again Adam.... :)

Hi Adam, After Looking at the 350Z Wiring Diagram. I worndering why the Stock ECU modified by UpRev, Works with the Stock Upper Clutch switch just fine with Flat Foot Shift. No wiring needed.

Why will it Not work with the Link G4X?



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