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g4+ fuel main sequential e modelled equation

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traduttore. ciao a tutti stavo guardando come è stato installato un plug-and-play vipec v88r g4 +, il motore yamaha 1800cc, l'iniettore di installazione che non riesco a capire se l'impostazione è corretta. la mia pressione del carburante di base 55psi statica (senza velocità di salita) il motore ha iniettori da 1000 cc, come da loro descritto. Volevo capire se tutto è giusto o c'è qualche cambiamento per fare ciò che non capisco e il valore che si adatta alla pressione nominale del flusso dell'iniettore e alla pressione del carburante nominale dell'iniettore. Ho letto che se si utilizza la modalità di iniezione sequenziale con la modalità di equazione del carburante modellata, deve essere preciso da quello che ho visto, a me non sembra. qualcuno può dirmi qualcosa. Grazie

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translator . hello everyone I was looking at how a vipec v88r g4 + plug and play, yamaha 1800cc engine is set, the set up injector I can't understand if the setting is right. my base fuel pressure 55psi static (no rising rate) the engine has 1000cc injectors, as described by them. I wanted to understand if everything is right or there is some change to do what I don't understand and the value that fits injector flow rated pressure and injector rated fuel pressure. I read that if you use sequential injection mode with fuel equation mode modeled it must be precise from what I have seen it seems to me not. can anyone tell me something .thanks

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if you are running 1000cc injectors you may want to set this to 1000 and recheck injector data

also i recommend the firmware is updated to the latest of the link website there has been a lot of updates and bug fixes.

Regards Ross

transducer. hello thank you for the answer but I still can't understand the data I have to enter, injector flow rated pressure is 1000 cc and this is ok, and injector rated pressure which one is it? how the calculation? . I state that in this configuration there is no reading by the ECU of the fuel pressure, and there is no rising rate by the fuel regulator, and fixed at 379kpa. have patience but I'm a beginner. I have updated firmware as you said. I saw that you put me in the setting to test the injectors but if you explain me how to do it I would be grateful. Hi

In the injector setup menu you enter the actual flow rate of the injectors and the pressure that the flowrate was tested at. If that "Epson215.pdf" file you have attached is for your injectors, then you should enter injector flow at rated pressure = 875cc/min. Injector rated fuel pressure = 300kpa.

In the "Fuel main" menu, you enter the actual fuel pressure that you are running on the engine. This should be 379Kpa for you.

For the fuel system type, "Returnless" is the correct setting for you.

Your settings should look like below assuming fuel is gasoline.

Translator. Hi, I'm happy with your answer, that was what I wanted to hear. you are always very clear in your explanations, thank you very much everyone

translator . hello I wanted to ask you another question, the right calibration with those 1000cc injectors. the fuel base is 379kpa, injector flow rated pressure 875cc, and injector rated fuel pressure 300kpa. if I am wrong to insert the injector rated fuel pressure value at 400kpa, what changes or happens, is it rich or lean AFR unlike the correct setting of 300kpa? . I ask this because the other base map for the same engine with the same 1000cc injectors has this configuration. I don't understand why this happens. other thing the configuration, I must have the deadtime 3d or table 2d is better. thanks

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By telling the ECU that the injector flow rate was tested at 400kpa, but in actual fact they were tested at 379kpa, then the ECU believes the injectors flow less fuel than they really do, so its fuel calculation will make the pulse width longer for the same amount of air.

This means the numbers in your VE table will be slightly lower to achieve the correct air fuel ratio.

It will likely still run perfectly fine as 380kpa Vs 400Kpa isnt a big change in flow, there will be some small effect on parts of the fuel calculation such as fuel charge cooling effect which means it may not be as good as it should be but you probably wont notice.

As for the injector deadtimes, yes, for a returnless system if you have the correct data then there is merit in using a 3D deadtime table, this is because the differential pressure across the injector varies a lot more in a returnless system and differential pressure greatly influences dead times.

translator . hi base fuel is 379kpa, injector flow rated pressure 875cc, and injector rated fuel pressure 300kpa. if I am wrong to insert the injector rated fuel pressure value at 400kpa. so 300kpa vs 400kpa is a big difference right.

so 300kpa vs 400kpa is a big difference right.

Sorry yes, I somehow got that 379 number mixed into my thoughts somewhere. That is a bigger difference. Your fuel mass calculation will be off by around 12%. So probably not ideal but not the end of the world either. Most of the fuel calculation is proportional to air mass so the main effect is your VE numbers will be smaller than actual. There will be some of the temperature based compensations that potentially wont work as well as they should due to the VE being artificially low.

perfect thanks, always detailed explanation, for the moment I thank you, do some tests and see how it works. Hi

hello perfect now everything works as it should thanks for the information

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