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G4+ PnP features the same as universal?

Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial

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I'm thinking of changing to Link, is the features of the PnP the same as the universal ECU?

I'm really interested in knowing if the PnP also has OBDII compliance, cant see it on the website.

Thank you

Hi Pete,

The current Link plug in ECU's are based on the G4+ Xtreme platform so all the features/functions available in the Xtreme are available in the plugins (except most plugins don't have P&H injector drivers).

The main consideration is in some cases your number of available I/O are limited by the number of pins available on the OEM connector. For instance the ECU might have 11 digital inputs built in to the hardware, but not all of those will be available for use as the main connector doesn't have enough spare pins.

We normally ensure there is enough spare I/O included to add all the common upgrades such as wideband, ethanol sensor, temps, pressures, etc. Usually there are a few spare analogs, a couple of extra digitals and a few Auxiliaries.

Yes, all our G4+ ECU's can do OBD2. This is a generic OBD stream usually used for dashboard/smartphone/tablet interfacing - it is not going to pass an emissions test if that's what you mean by "ODBII Compliance" Most of our Plugins have 2 x CAN ports, so you can use one for OBD and the other for other devices.

Thanks Adam,

I'm not worried about emissions test for OBDII, really just the factor of being able to connect a scan tool or the likes if I don't have a laptop with me. The current ECU I have doesn't have a flex fuel model(although they are meant to be introducing it) which is the route I am currently taking hence why I am thinking of changing.

The other question I have is can it be purchased as an end user? i.e, not going through a tuner who wants to also tune the car.

Thanks again

Our OBD2 output will not give you much useful information with a scan tool. Below is the data transmitted via the OBD2 stream.

We dont sell direct to the consumer but most of our dealers will be happy to sell hardware only. I always recommend a local dealer first but if you dont have any luck with a local dealer there are also some with webshops that will ship worldwide. NZEFI and NZ Performance are a couple of examples that stock our full range.

Thank you, that info is great

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