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G4X Accel Enrichment, Accel Sens Table tuning ?

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Hi Andre

Can we get an episode in the near future for G4X specifically for Accel Enrich / Accel Sens table tuning?

G4X also has "wall wetting compensation" setting that affects Accel Enrichment.

i can understand what they do, but which should be tuned first and after?

It's quite a bit different from G4+


Dont bother with the wall wetting compensation, it is not needed to get decent transient fuel control. I would mostly only use that to compensate for the dry manifold walls between primary and secondary injectors in a staged injection set up or if I'm using fuel cut limiters as it makes recovery after very large PW changes much quicker.

For accel enrichment I would first suggest you turn on the asynchronous injection and set the min async PW to 0.5ms. This greatly reduces the need for accel enrichment.

The deadband varies a lot depending on how noisy the TPS signal is, so take a look at the typical TPS delta you see at idle and cruise and set the deadband say 20-50% higher than that. The sense and decay is pretty self-explanatory. Typical numbers for sense when you have async on usually work out around 2 or 3 at the lefthand end of the table fading away to zero at about 3500rpm.

Hi Adam,

I'll give that a try soon.

for the Accel Sens table, i didn't fully understand what those numbers represent, i know larger number = more enrichment.

help file says "rate of change" , if my accel mode is TPS, how is the calculation done in relation to the numbers in accel sens table?

I cant tell you the specific scaling of the relationship off the top of my head, but if your accel mode is set to TP, the basic initial accel enrichment multiplier for the first injection event is calculated from the relationship Accel sens x TPS delta x cold correction. It is then decayed at the decay rate per injection event.

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