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G4x and G4+?

Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial

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So I am not really finding and real answers with this so though I would ask. What is the difference in the g4x software and g4+? Is this more of a hardware based difference based on features? Can the g4x firmware be written to a older original g4+ unit?

Tuning software in terms of how the user navigates it is still very similar. Most of the tuning functions and shortcuts have purposely been laid out very similar to G4+. Some aspects of set up such as assigning IO has changed quite significantly.

Hardware has changed a lot, the enclosure, connectors and pinouts are the same, but nearly all internal electronics have changed. ADC's are 12bit Vs G4+ 10bit, much of the hardware filtering has changed a lot to allow faster sampling of analog and frequency inputs and more reactive control loops. Internal logging memory is now 500MB Vs 4MB in G4+, Max logging rate is 1000Hz vs 100Hz in G4+, logging bandwidth and download speed has all been improved greatly.

Firmware is the biggest change, completely starting from scratch to get rid of all the limitations that the older G4+ code had inherited (G4+ code originally came from G4 code which is now about 12 years old) this will also allow more flexibility and easier additions in future. A lot of the changes arent immediately obvious to the end user until you start to poke around, one example is boost control, in G4+ it was tied to controlling manifold absolute pressure only - now you can set it up to control MAP, pre-throttle pressure or dome pressure for instance. There are some really cool new features such as adaptive knock control which until now was something you only got in high-end pro level ECU's such as Bosch or Cosworth (and it is very effective too). There have been a lot of improvements to drivability type features - asynchronous injection has been added and stuff like idle ignition control is now tightly integrated into the idle actuator control. Many of the OEM trigger decoders have seen big changes to improve sync speed during start up - Nissan 6 cyl for example can now sync and fire within 120deg of crank rotation. Nearly all inputs and outputs are now divorced from physical pins - so for instance the input "IAT" could now come from a pin, a CAN message, or a math channel. Math channels are very powerful and you can do a lot of custom stuff with them if you have the imagination. I've probably missed a lot but that's a few things that spring to mind.

Perhaps the most exciting bit is it is being actively developed so still plenty of new stuff to come and feature requests being added regularly. G4+ will now mostly only get bug fixes and maintenance type updates.

No the G4+ cant be updated to G4X as mentioned above the hardware is very different.

Great info Adam! Thanks for the details.

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