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Ghost cam please

Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial

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can someone help me set up a ghost cam, running a g4+ atom one a 3rz turbo, even a tune file with one in to help, having a hard time setting one up.

ive watched the webinar about this topic but its in HP tuners. any help would be great. i have added a pic of what i thought maybe how its done but maybe way off track

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Hi Scott,

You're on the right path although not very aggressive.

With the Link ecu you need to remember the numbers in your idle timing map are actual numbers and not an overlay to the main ignition table.

I would make this more aggressive depending on how much ghost cam you want and if you need also add another zone in on your idle error axis (-25 and 25). To keep tings tidy I would also remove the ECT axis as you have no changes there during warm up, but that is me being fussy.

Anyway I have attached an example of a ghost cam I have done. As you can see at idle target my timing is 18BTDC as it goes up 50rpm it pulls to 5ATDC

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