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High VE numbers when changing to modelled fueling

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Could someone have a quick look at my setup for Modelled fuelling? I've just swapped in a set of 1000cc injectors, I'm running a fuel pressure sensor and a differential of 4bar. I was going to use 3 bar but for some reason my FPR wouldn't go low enough when in vaccum when set to 3 Bar diff pressure I seem to be getting really high number in the VE table and I'm starting to think I've missed something

[url=https://www.dropbox.com/s/5vxitqmzlw7bw7q/Screenshot]https://www.dropbox.com/s/5vxitqmzlw7bw7q/Screenshot 2020-12-31 at 20.35.14.png?dl=0

I've attached a copy of the tune and a Log. The only way I could get the car drivable was to turn CLL on and let it add up to 20 % fuel.

I wanted to set the base fuel pressure to 300kPa to give me a higher injector pulse width at idle however although I could set base to 300 with vacuum line disconnected. When I reconnected it the regulator wouldn't reduce by the same amount as the engine vacuum so differential pressure was rising to around 340 kPa. The only way to get the differential pressure to stay constant is to set the base pressure to 400kPa.

I've inputted all the deadtime values I got with the injectors in a 3d table from CP Injection and have emailed them asking for short pulse width adder values (currently set to zero). I've read A few posts about injector dynamics quoting incorrect values for Link ECU's Is this specific to injector dynamics or is it the Bosch EV14 injectors as a whole? I belive mine are based on the same injector

Attached Files

Hello i cannot open your tune files as they are showing as being encrypted to your ecu

My advise is to make sure you have the change temp turned on and the iat temp turned off

check your fuel pressure sensor is calibrated correctly and then tested by another sensor if you have one or another gauge (the reason is your fuel pressure sounds like it may be lower than what it is showing ) just an idea anyway

it is common to see numbers in the 60-65 at idle as the number go up to 150 in this modeled mode

if you can send a map thu to me with a log to tech@linkecu.com i will take a look tomorrow when I'm on tech support for link just double-check the ecu is not encrypted to the ecu

Regards Ross

Hi Ross, thanks for the reply. I'm not sure why the files have been encrypted, is there a setting in the ecu that does this as it has been done without me knowing? It could be due to the fact im using a windows emulator and I zipped the files in my mac desktop. I'll be doing a bit messing on today datalogging and double checking injector deadtimes so I'll sed you an up to date tune wile and datalog once i'm done.

For a 2 litre turbo engine with standard cams, 1000cc injectors what would be sensible VE numbers? I was lead to believe i shoud be seeing around 100% peak? And should a 10% change in ve equate to 10% change in lambda? eg if i'm 10% rich Lambda will a 10%increase in ve correct this or are the 2 values not directly linked?

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