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am planning to get a plug & play link for my honda and was wondering about the antilag system that the factory says its a group A/N only which am not familiar with it, is it any different from the antilag system that the extreme or fury have?? any explanation of the group A/N would help

Our plug-in ECU's are based on the same hardware & firmware as the Xtreme, so all the same advanced functions are available in the plug-in range.

The group N/group A terminology referring to antilag modes is probably a bit outdated now. With Group N regulations you were not allowed to modify the factory intake system so the only way to get the bypass air into the engine was by adjusting the throttle stop so that the throttle blade could never fully close. So with this mode you needed cyclic idle to achieve a reasonably idle speed when antilag was off. Group A didnot have this restriction so this refers to antilag systems where you have some form of ECU controlled air bypass - commonly a solenoid, throttle kicker or E-throttle.

Be-aware you will not be able to use vacuum assisted brakes with any type of antilag.

Info below from the help file:

I appreciate your explanation, really helpful