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Hey guys, i am wondering how do i check my iat on my car is spoilt. it keeps reading 20 degrees centigrade at all times. how i check if there is signal coming in to the plug or how do i check if the iat sensor is spoilt too?


When the ECU shows as 20c it usually means the sensor is faulted and the fault value is 20c. To check.

Pressure the "R" key, a window will pop up, go to the "Analog" tab. This will show you your temp inputs. If one is faulted it will be in red and tell you the error.

I have attached a screen shot for you.

I would also double check your fault values are set correctly for this sensor. If they are wrong it could say the sensor is faulted when it is not.

This is found under

ECU Settings, Analog Inputs, Fault settings.

Should be set as the photo attached.

Note this is for the G4 ecu and not G4+ as they are placed in different places.

Attached Files

Why is mine under OFF? Do i have to go online? I saw yours is offline from the ecu too

Attached Files

I'm betting on a broken wire at the IAT sensor connector. Causes it to read high, so the sensor goes to the default.

It doesnt have any reading now. It is at default 20 degree centigrade

I am offline on the ecu it was just a map I pulled up to check.

It shows that you do not have an air temp sensor setup on.

Where it says An T2 = Off

In your second photo you show it as being turned on. Assuming you have done this just now, the values will not change unless you're online with the ECU.

Okay. Understood. I will try it later on


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