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IAT location for Subaru/modelled

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I have a subaru running a top mount intercooler and I'm in the middle of swapping my intake manifold and tmic to a different setup. I currently have the IAT sensor mounted in the outlet tank of the intercooler. This is carried over from my original setup using a vipec i44 running traditional fuel model.

I have since retuned using modelled multi-fuel and in the charge temp setup help file it recommends NOT having the IAT in the airflow like you would with traditional. I left it as is and just ran with it in the intercooler.

I emailed Linkecu about it and the position i described (wrx pcv under the throttle body) was confirmed to be an ideal spot. Out of the airflow and in the manifold. However it is unclear to me why traditional and modelled require the IAT to be in different spots, especially with charge temp is being used. Also what kind of changes would be needed/expected in my tune with moving the IAT to inside the manifold.

Hello i still run them in the same spot i have tried it in the manifold to test and to be honest found no difference in the rate or time of change the only difference was at heat soak with hot starting

and in modeled mode this should not be a issue

Regards Ross

would you happen to know the reasoning behind the change when using charge temp estimation? Trying to understand the logic around it.

The help file doesnt actually say "out of the air flow". It says something more like "the sensor must be fast responding with an element that is out in the air flow". So maybe not great wording, but where you have it will be fine.

Obviously for a charge temperature measurement point of view, the closer the sensor is to the intake valve the better, but then that often brings with it exposure to other heat sources besides the air temp you are trying to measure so location choice will always be a compromise.

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