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Hi everyone

I have some diffictulties to start the engine when ECT is about 80/90°C , so i can't find the menu in the software to let me change the value of IGN at PRE-CRANK...... the PRE-CRANK PRIME TABLE is just about enrichement (ms)

So you are trying to adjust the spark advance during actual cranking to see if it will start better?

"Pre-crank" means before the engine is turning. Obviously you cant adjust the timing when the engine is not even turning?

If you want to adjust the ignition advance used during cranking, then for most trigger modes this just comes from the main ignition table.

Exactly, with DTAfast for example , with the Engine Configuration , you can define "Firing tooth on Startup"....;and that is what i want to do

Just put whatever advance you want in the relevant cell in the ignition table. Usually that would be 0RPM & 100KPa

OK , i'll try it

Tks Adam