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Injector Flow Rate on E85 id1300x

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Hey guys just hoping to get some advice, I've searched around and haven't gotten the best answer. I have a built Evo 7 and made the switch to a link g4 pnp a year ago. i tuned the car on pump gas with the new id1300x^2 injectors. I set the injector flow rate to 1170 (i used 1170 on stock ecu with old id1300) and finished the tune. I'm about to switch to multi fuel/flex fuel and not too sure what i should do about the injector flow rate, if i should leave it or change it? I know Simon said he recommended to leave the flow rate the same as pump gas if you don't have the data. I was also thinking of going back and retuning the fuel map on pump gas with the injector flow rate set to 1330cc (thats what id has on their website) but i'm not sure if that would be very beneficial?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!


Most injectors flow 7-15% less when tested with ethanol Vs petrol, but if you dont have that info just set the flowrate the same for both fuels. It will just mean the fuel table 2 will need a little more work.

As for changing the flowrate for the first fuel, provided your VE table numbers are not getting too large then there is no real benefit in doing so. (150 is the largest VE number the table will accept).

Thanks Adam! I really appreciate it. Looks like I’ll go ahead with my flex fuel tune than!

I don't tend to differentiate flow rates as I've always seen conflicting reports on the variance however I would set the actual flow rate to IDs specs (they're always high) to offset any issues with backend math in your fuel model.

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