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input/output plugin ecu

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im using 1fz-fe plug in ecu and i wanted to know few things a little better

my speedo sweep function doesnt work, i know the tacho sweep work because it worked as default, the speedo wasnt enabled as default which makes me think it isn't compatible but the speedo work normally so not really sure.

i changed key sweep to on/sweep time to 1.2s as tacho uses same value, i tried to mess with the frequancy but couldnt make it work

and about my ac it wasnt enabled as default i changed ac clutch polarity to high, and enabled ac request pullup resistor and on level to low this got it to work not sure if its the right setting but i think i have an issue if my ac stays on too long the airflow increase i think the compressor is overheating

is there a way to make the ac turn off before that happen ? is it related to high/low pressure, evap temp control?

and what is the labeling for fuel system:

DI9 fpms fuel pump mode (main or sub switch?)

dI10 fpms2 pump 2 monitor (sub?)

dI4 fpm1 pump 1 monitor (main? what are the monitor? cant find it in the fsm)

aux 13 fuel pump

aux 14 sub fuel pump light

aux 15 sub fuel pump relay

aux 16 fp speed

i have two issues with the fuel system first is the sub tank loses about a quarter while its not being used i think both tanks might be working at the same time, and the other issue is sometime after i start the engine by couple of minutes my sub fuel level reads empty and take like 15-30 minutes to start working properly it happened after i installed the ecu i dont think its the sender issue as it reads fine seems electrical issue ecu related maybe esd from install?

my last issue is the engine takes long time to crank tried adding fuel in every table nothing changed, should i change the prime mode from ign start position to key on? would it make any difference on a long runner intake?


This isn't an ECU that I've dealt with so it's hard to answer your questions accurately. If the speedo output isn't enabled but the speedo still works then it's most likely that the speedo isn't ECU-controlled and the signal comes from the gearbox or abs computer instead.

With the AC it's important to make sure that the cooling fans are running when the AC is active to prevent overheating. There's an option to run the fans when the AC is operating.

With the fuel pump setup unfortunately you'd be best to discuss this with link as I don't have any information on that ECU sorry. They offer 24 hour phone support. You can find tech support contact numbers on their website here: https://www.linkecu.com/contact/

We usually reply within 12hrs (often sooner)

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