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Knock Control problem

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I am trying to setup knock control for link g4+ pulg n play for toyota celica st205.

- selected frequency channel as 12 khz narrow band and 6khz narrow band but i am unable to see any value pop up in cylinder 2 - 3 and 4 except for cylinder 1 which shows value around 50 at 5500 rpm if gain channel is set to 3.

- is it normal with this engine showing values for only 1 cylinder ? or am i missing some thing out ?

Are you still running a distributor ignition? If you are the Link can't detect knock on individual cylinders.

Knock control is ran off of ignition so even if your running sequential injection it'll only be able to use knock control trims across the board rather than individual cylinders.

Yes , still running distributor ignition system.

I want to convert to individual Coils per cylinder.

Can you explain a little how it can be done ?

So the values in cylinder 1 will indicate the over all knock in all 4 cylinders because of distributor type ignition.

With a Link PnP I'm not sure you can swap to a COP set-up as there is only 1 ignition channel identified in the pin-out, it might be best to contact Link technical on that one.

As for the knock I think it classes all 4 cylinders as channel 1, it's been a while since I've done one so would need to check my logs in work