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link 3 port boost controller

Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial

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Hi does anyone know how to set up the link 3 port boost controller in terms of port 1 2 3 where they should go, source regulation and bleed also its going into a 2 port wastegate with a lower and upper port. I read somewhere source into lower port of wastegate and its optional to use the upper? any help would be great I seem to either get 14 psi or 18psi depending how I plumb it but with no control what ever duty cycle is used its very frustrating to try and road test its very time consuming thanks in advance

Pic below from the PC Link help file. You may also need a restrictor in the supply line depending on size of fittings, hose etc.

Thanks adam i never realised that would be on the help file..so looking at i assume port 3 just vents to atmosphere and lower wastgate and port 1 can be t in from boost source ?

Hey Andrew, yes that's correct. If you want to then you can route the unused port to the turbo inlet. This eliminates the noise you can often hear from the solenoid of it venting pressurised air. And yes, the pressure source can just attach to a T piece with the normal pressure source.

Thanks all working now i am only getting between 14 psi and 18 psi depending on wastegate duty cycle 0% to 100% i would expect more than 18psi on 100% duty cycle i have never used a 2 port wastegate before so not too sure how the lower and upper chamber parts work to realise why am only getting 18psi full duty cycle

Do you have it wired as per the help file? Ignition switched one side ecu the other. A copy of your map would help also.

Yes seems to be its working fine i think as far as hardwear goes and wiring etc 0 duty cyle it runs wastegate pressure 14psi 100% only 18 psi 100% duty cycle means its bleed off the vac pressure to the wastegate meani g the boost should shoot through the roof? 14 psi and 18 psi is a small range of boost pressure

You should definitely be getting a wider pressure range than that. If I'm struggling with electronic boost control I'll often remove the solenoid from the system and test it out with just the vac lines plumbed up as they would be. For example with a 2 port external wastegate minimum boost would be with the vac line going to the lower port connected to boost pressure and the top port vented to atmosphere. For maximum boost you need to connect both the top and bottom ports to boost pressure - this should replicate 100% DC. If you're still only seeing 18 psi then it's not an electronic issue. I'd be considering boost leaks or something similar.

Thanks Andre I have an adjustable bov am guessing could be that then as a starting point

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