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Hi to all,

I wired link g4 extreme at my w210 e55 mercedes with 5.5 NA engine(M113)

My aim is direct spark and sequintial injection, so i wired 8 drivers to cylinder number 1, cylinder number 2,,,

Crank pully is 60-2 trigger type and camshaft sensor is Optical with 1 tooth i belive. So i did wire them as trigger 1 crank + trigger 2 cam, i used missing /multible tooth type.

I tried to make calibration for trigger offset, used various numbers at the middle value with no Luck with Timing light, anyway i dont understand the concept very well!!

If i see 10 deg at the crank with the timing light at 145 offset, car not start, assuming that sparking at exhaust compresion what number should i put as trigger offset (add 360 or subtract? ) and why?

How i calculate that offset number?

I really need some help please.

How can i attach?


Car starts at trigger offset - 83 at that offset i checked the ignition deliverd at the crank it was 10 deg according to calibrate offset, but the car refused to start again after i shut it down!! Sometime it starts for 1 second then shut down again.

What iam missing?

Any one please?