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Good Afternoon All(Depending on time zone :) )

I am looking at installing a plug and play Link G4+ ecu into my 2003 Nissan Maxima shop car. I have been shopping around and am bouncing between Haltech Elite 2500, Motec M130, and the Link. The thing I like about the link is that first off it is plug and play and secondly it works with automatic transmissions. We decided to take a unique route and race build our Maxima's transmission. Little guy can now handle 1ooo HP. The big question that I have is, since the G4+ plug and play is for the 350z will it be able to adequately control the Maxima's auto transmission. I know it can for the 350z and other than the fact that the Maxima is FWD and uses a Transaxle as opposed to the 350z transmission are there going to be any gotchas that would send me down the Haltech piggy back route?



Pretty hard to answer this, the big unknown is if the Maxima trans TCM uses the same CAN messages as the 350Z? There is a fair amount of interaction with the TCM in the 350Z, the Link ECU sends Engine speed, Engine torque, Coolant temp, pedal position, wheel speed and a few others to the trans via CAN, it receives back the required amount of torque reduction during a shift event. When a torque reduction of "x" amount is requested, the ecu needs to go to the torque look up table to determine how much torque the engine is currently producing then retard or cut to get the right amount of TR for the shift. I dont remember hearing from anyone using one in a auto maxima when I worked there.

Having said that, It certainly wont do any worse than the Haltech which doesnt do any of the trans at all.

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