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Do the 4D/5D/6D fuel tables work on top of each other or do they all work only against the main fuel table? For an example...let's say I have a lean/rich knob I use to add or subtract fuel from the entire main fuel table setup as my 4D 2D map. It's an 11 position knob so center is 0 then to the left is -2, -4, -6, -8, and -10 and to the right is +2, +4, +6, +8, and +10. I want each position to add that percentage of fuel to the table. Then, let's say I have a second knob setup as 5D doing the same thing. (I don't have this setup, but am just trying to see how the tables interact). If my main fuel table number is 20 and my 4D knob is set at +10 and my 5D knob is set at 0, I should theoretically be adding 10% fuel to 20 or that number should effectively be 22 correct? Now, if I turn my 5D knob to +10 will it add 10% to the main fuel table's original number of 20 (so adding another 2 - effectively making that cell 24) or will it add 10% to 22 (main fuel table + 4D compensation of 10%) making the effective fuel number 24.2? Is the calculation "Main Fuel X 4D X 5D = Effective Fuel" or is it "(Main Fuel X 4D) + (Main Fuel X 5D) = Effective Fuel"?

They are all multipliers. So if you have +10% active in both the 4D & 5D tables, the final calculated value will be main fuel x 1.10 x 1.10.

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