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If I wanted to tune a turbo subaru alpha N on a Link G4+using modelled fuel,. I uderstand I tune fuel table 1 on pump gas and fuel table 2 on my desired ethanol blend with axis set up tps vs. rpm. Will the barometric 4D overlay compensation table be common to both fuel tables or should I use switch logic to switch over to the 5D table at a certain ethanol content? Do you see any problem running modelled multi fuel and alpha N together. Thanks.

Kelly G

Why is it your wanting to use alpha N? Subaru's have a nice big inlet plenum which allows a pretty accurate MAP source

I'm running big Cosworth non-AVCS cams and I would like to take advantage of the more accurate fueling you can achieve during full and part throttle conditions for the same boost level.

There's no reason why you can't run the modelled fuel equation with TPS as a load axis. The baro correction isn't handled natively in the ECU unless you select MGP as your load axis. You could set up a 4D compensation table (which I think is what you're alluding to) and this will be applied to the base injector pulse width so it will be in effect regardless of ethanol content. I've never tried what you've got in mind, however it may pan out that the 4D table on its own is not sufficient to keep air fuel ratio stable as both baro pressure and E% change. If necessary you could always employ a 5D table as well.

In reality unless you live in an area where you're regularly seeing large baro changes, it's unlikely you'll need to worry too much about this though.

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