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Anyone with firsthand knowledge know when the G4+ replacement ECU may be hitting the market? I'm ready to put my car back together and currently run a G4 Xtreme but wanted to upgrade to the G4+ for the VE and modeled multi-fuel tuning but would hate to drop money on a new G4+ Fury and have the newest Link hit the market right after.

We recently heard that their new ECU (G5 from what I understand) isn't far away but I don't have a date for you unfortunately.

Hi Andre.

Any sneak preview on the differences?

I am about to buy a plugin G4+ for my Supra, need to decide if I should wait for the G5 or not.


Development on the G5 has been underway for over 5 years (if not longer), Link are quite good at not giving a release date until they know for certain they'll be able to make it