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Link Monsoon vs. Storm vs. Fury

Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial

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I'm looking at purchasing a Link ECU. I've been recommended the Monsoon, but I want to understand the features I'll be missing. I have tried to understand this from reading their forums and manuals, but welcome any tips from HP Academy.

From what I see, there are sufficient inputs and outputs for my needs. The car runs a single coil on a distributer, so I actually receive 3 additional outputs.

Question 1:

I want to wire in the lamdba from my AEM Lambda controller... but my understanding of the spec sheet suggests that I wouldn't be able to run "closed loop lambda" (I think Link call this Closed Loop Lambda Auto Mode). This is something I was interested to play with - but I've managed without before. The Storm or the Fury are a good few £££ extra, so not sure it's worth it. Am I right that the Monsoon does not have closed loop lambda.

Question 2:

I've previously also experimented with closed loop boost control. Is this feature available on the Monsoon?

Question 3:

The Monsoon has a CAN bus which I intend to use for my Race Technology Dash2... the spec sheet warns that I'd need additional inputs for a 2nd CAN bus... is there any reason I'd need a 2nd CAN bus?

Question 4:

Knock control. The Monsoon does not have this. The advice I've received is that, as a hobbiest tuner, this would require a lot of work to setup right. They suggested I'd be better with the separate Knocklink light. I also have a KX-3, although I've only had varying success in setting this up. Ideally, it it's simple enough, I'd like something on the car to tell the ECU if there is knock, although I've managed for many years without this, so it's probably not a must have.

Thanks for any tips... I simply want to make sure I make the most efficient use of my budget.



I've not worked with a Monsoon yet, but the PCLink Monsoon sample file has closed loop lamda setup so I'm sure it will work. I believe that function is available across the entire line of Link ECUs. It does not have a controller built into it like the Fury and Thunder do, but if you have a controller, it should work. If you're setting up a CAN network for the dash, you could also move to CAN-Lambda to save on inputs even if you say you have enough...helps future-proof the system. Fury is a whole different ball game. Support for 6 Ignition and 8 Injectors, E-Throttle, Built in lambda control (so you wouldn't need your AEM controller), support for Peak and Hold injectors, traction control, 2 CAN buses...it's essentially an Xtreme with built-in lambda control and 2 less ignition outputs (to make room for the onboard lambda).

1. The Monsoon has the "stoich mode" CLL. I will paste some text below to explain it. The name of this mode is a bit misleading as it doesnt just adjust to stoich conditions, it will still control to whatever is in the lambda target table. This type of control is potentially not as fast as "auto mode", especially when lambda is a long way off target.

2. Yes Closed loop boost control is available.

3. You will unlikely need 2 CAN buses. Usually only needed if you have some devices that talk at a different bit rate, the Dash2pro has a configurable bit rate so you should be able to just set that to match whatever other devices you want to connect.

Thanks everyone,

It seems the decision for Fury vs. Monsoon is if I want knock control. I’ve watched the videos on this, and have an extended question... the Haltech has a “learn” function which updates a correction table over time, as well as the short term correction and decay. Does the Link do something similar - webinar suggests not and perhaps it isn’t needed.

Also, the car in question runs on a dizzy, so only 1 IGN out. Reading other forum posts here suggests I can still run the knock setup but I would have to trim globally, not per cylinder.

Question is, is it worth it!


I think I answered most of this on your similar post on the Link forum. The dizzy was not mentioned there so to clarify - yes with a distributor ignition system our ECU's cant do individual cylinder knock control, detection is still windowed but all cylinders will be retarded together.

Thanks Adam, very clear. Appreciate your help.

All, thanks for your help. I went with the Fury in the end due to the knock control - something I woudn’t mind having a crack at.


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