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Low rpm light throttle acceleration enrichment

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What is the best way to go about tuning acceleration enrichment for light throttle low rpm? The afr's go lean as the computer is not adding additional fuel as it is not a stab of the throttle just a light increase. Would I need to adjust the accelleration enrichment sensitivity to make the computer register finer increases in accelleration. Also I've got the load axis set to MAP, would it be better to change this to tps?


Hi Shaun,

Before you go changing anything could you please tell us your engine set-up? TPS as load is good for multi throttle body engines etc, if your running a single throttle body with a plenum then MAP is load is generally best.

Andre done a webinar on acceleration enrichment on the G4 a while back, here's a link:


Check the resolution of your accel enrichment table, you might need to add a few more areas to cover smaller changes in throttle.

It's an ej20 so map is would be best. I'll look into the resolution of the table

Are you meaning load axis for the accel enrichment? If so I always advise you use TPS as it's much easier to tune and get reliable results.

My biggest tip would be to start by making sure the AFR in each of the cells you transition through is accurate. If this is wrong then you'll chase your tail trying to fix fuelling issues with accel enrichment.

Depending on your settings you can also try increasing sensitivity and/or decreasing deadband.

Right enough Andre, I was meaning using MAP for the main fuel table load axis, you should use TPS vs RPM for throttle enrichment.

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