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MAP sensor type

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I don’’t know which map sensor type I should choose for the 4g92 engine. I googled and ppl mentioned it’s a 0-5v 1 bar map sensor. Any help? Thanks!

Thanks Ludo. Do you mean I should choose the 3 bar sensor setting or should get this 3 bar sensor?

Is your engine N/A or turbo charged? If it's turbo you can't use a 1 bar sensor because it will only read up to atmospheric pressure, no boost.

Thanks Chris! It's a 1.6 L NA engine. I'm using the oem sensor.

a 1 bar sensor should do just fine then

If you're using an OE sensor then the tricky part will be the calibration. Unless it's something pretty mainstream, there won't be an option from the drop down menu. This means you're going to have to make your own calibration which requires comparing the output of the sensor to a known calibrated sensor. By the time you do this, often it's just easier to swap it out for a sensor with a known cal. The GM 1 bar is a common option and quite cheap.

Got it. Thanks a lot!

I want to add to this question. I am using an Omni 4bar on my EVO 9. The LinkECU has a 4 bar selection. By picking that and using the self calibration will that work correctly?

Not always, you may need to create a custom calibration and use a regulated pressure source to confirm the values.

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