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Modeled fuel equation some advice will be very apreciated

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Hello everyone

I'm not a pro tuner only tune mine car and some friends, so maybe i'm missing something. One of my friend got Link Fury and i wanna tune it on modeled fuel equation and got in situation i don't like i have Fuel Table 1 numbers of 100 already at 0 MGP i think it should not be so. Is there a way to adjust something but not injector size (like it was in traditional mode you just adjust master fuel) because injectors are set prety close but numbers are way off. Maybe i missed some important parameter as these is the first modeled equation i do.

The only unusal thing i did to stabilize it at idle to first start and not go to around 100 values is adding short pulse width adder buy as i think - alot.

Here are info:

RB25DET NEO, r35 GTR Injectors, injectors set to 560cc,

ataching tune file - any advice what i'm not taking in consideration or advice on how to get back to normal values in fuel map are appreciated.

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For such small injectors I would zero out the short PW adder, unless you have actual data from testing - dont use made up numbers.

Your injector deadtime table should have differential fuel pressure on the axis, not fuel pressure.

Your fuel pressure sensor calibration on cal table 4 looks wrong - I dont know of any sensor with a linearisation like that. I suggest you rep[lace it with a known brand sensor or verify it against a known reference.

And your MAP sensor cal doesnt look right either, you have labelled it "2.5Bar MAP" yet your calibration point is 343Kpa.

Most other settings appear to be correct assuming your pump gas density and stoich is similar to ours in NZ. If none of those above solve your high VE numbers then I would get the injectors flow tested to confirm.

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