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Modelled Fuel VE table Values too low? (Supra)

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Hey chaps!

I’ve recently got my Supra up and running, currently only at idle speeds. I’ve gone down the route of using modelled fuel equation, but in order to get the car to idle @ 0.95Lambda, I’ve had to lower the VE values to 4.8-5.3%, when in theory this should be more along the lines of 45-50%

What could be the main driver for having such low values in the fuel table?

The car has a hardwired 450lph fuel pump at constant voltage, 350kpa base fuel pressure and 800cc injectors. All this information is in the fuel setup, along with the correct injector dead times.

Is there something obvious I am missing which is causing such a large variation to what would be expected?

If it makes any difference, the car also runs longer duration camshafts (264deg) and a larger single turbo, there are no air leaks in the system.



As per your Facebook post, you need to share your tune. If your VE is out by a factor of 10 then there is something way out in your settings such as fuel density.

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