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Open loop afr target tuning

Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial

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Is there a situation where you wouldn't want to use OL AFR tuning?


The open loop AFR table is totally optional. For those tuners more familiar with other brands of ECU that don't offer this feature, it can be hard to get your head around what the open loop AFR table does (it shouldn't be because it's not that complex, but I know a few tuners have struggled with it).

The key is that if you use the open loop AFR table you NEED to put your actual targets in the open loop AFR table - This is the most common mistake I see as tuners have the function enabled but leave garbage numbers in the actual open loop table and then wonder why their fuel map looks strange.

I personally quite like the function and it's a nice bridge between a injection time based fuel model and a true VE based fuel model (which the G4+ offers anyway now).

Ok. It makes sense to me to use as it gives a good visual reference for your afr. Instead of not using it and then having to trawl through the logs to find the afr at that specific zone.

There really is no easy way to convert a tune that was done without it to use the table is there? Other than logging the afr and plucking what you can out of it to fill the target table.

Turning open loop AFR on if the engine was previously tuned with it off (or vice versa) will require a retune of the fuel table unfortunately.

The last tune I had with my G4 the tuner didn't use it and didn't look like he had a reference sheet by him, so must've just been doing it off the dyno.

That's quite possible and quite typical - Remember that earlier Link ECU firmware didn't have the openloop table (this goes for the majority of other ECU brands too) and hence many tuners never really picked up the openloop AFR table concept and ran with it.

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