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PClink ECU setting list editing problem

Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial

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Hi All

I have got a problem about the ECU settings list editing on PCLink software. I found that there are some tuning function like "Accel Sens. Table" and "Knock Control" are missing in my ECU Setting list. I have tried many ways like study the help menu or seach from internet for very long time but still can not find how to add the function back to the list or edit the list. Could any one give me some instruction? Many thanks

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I cannot tell from your screen capture, what version of the PC Link Software you are using. Have you downloaded and are using the latest from here:


Also, you may need to update the firmware in your ECU -- I believe that is done from within the PC Link software.

Finally, perhaps your ECU model doesn't have those features, they are only available on other models -- What exact ECU do you have?

For the accel sense table it looks like you are probably on old firmware. Early versions of the G4X firmware didnt have the accel sense table, it just used a single value.

Knock may or may not be firmware related - I think there may have been some early releases that didnt have knock control in the software, but cant really tell from a single screenshot. As David says also some of the low cost models such as the Monsoon and Atom dont have knock hardware.

Thanks David, the PC link software in my laptop is the latest version but the ECU firmware should not be the most update version as it is new that I have just received.

Hi Adam,

My ECU is Atom X, the ECU firmware I believe is not the most update version, I will double check tonight.

Knock control function I can find it in some built in basic map of other vehicle model like Skyline GTR, but not for mine. Or such car require higher grade ECU like StormX that have Knock control function? Is that the reason why their basic map already have Knock function in the ECU Setting list.

Thank you

The Atom is the lowest cost ecu Link make, it has less hardware and less software features to keep the cost low. Knock control is one of the features that is sacrificed.

The features that you see in the software will vary depending on what ECU you are connected to or what ecu the map you are viewing is from.

You can compare features here: https://www.linkecu.com/products/ecu-comparison-chart/

Thanks Adam, I finally got problem fixed after updated the ECU firmware, I can find the Accel Sens Table now.

BTW, I need to calibrate the MAP sensor manually using Cal Table 1 as there is no basic setting for my car in the PClink software. I found there is a setting "Error Value" which set with 100kpa, may I ask what is this for? I cant find any information from the Help function.

Please forgive me of having so many question as I am a new learner.

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The Error value works in conjunction with the Error Low/Error High settings. The Error Low/High values are the voltages at which a normally operating sensor is expected to output. If the ECU receives a voltage outside of these Low/High values then it considers the sensor to be in error. When a sensor is in error, the ECU will log a fault code, flash the CE light if assigned and it will "overwrite" the affected sensor parameter with the "Error value".

So for instance in your picture of your MAP sensor settings that you attached, if a wire fell off your MAP sensor, the voltage would drop to 0.00V (below your error low setting), so the ECU would assign 100Kpa to the MAP parameter. The engine will probably still be able to run.

The error value needs to be chosen carefully depending on how critical the sensor is and what consequences could arise from having it reading an assumed value. To "fail safe" is usually the aim.

In an road car for instance you might set a MAP error value to 0kpa so that if MAP a sensor ever fails the engine will stop instantly with no chance of it running lean etc. However in say an aircraft you might want your MAP sensor error value to be say 80kpa, so if the sensor fails then at least the engine may keep running (poorly with reduced power and possibly leaner than ideal) but at least you dont fall out of the sky.

Hi Adam

It is clear to me now. Many thanks for your explanation and your aircraft example is interesting. I will go home and try to set it properly tonight.

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