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Please review my tune and logs Linkecu G4x wrx104+

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Could you guys please have a look and suggest my tune? i did some log when i run quarter mile test.

precision 6266 gen 2 turboid1050xaem340lph fuel pumpaeromotive a1000 fpriag fuel railAN6 feedlinetomei exhaust elh76mm custom exhaust turbobackaem uego widebandiag stage 4 extreme shortblockiag stage5 heads with 282/280 kelford cams 1mm oversized valve and all supporting spring etc…tial 38mm external wastegate (spring 1.4 bar)tial bov


couldnt attach log and map on site

In general it mostly looks ok to me. The first thing that stands out to me is your RPM limiter has a very slow decay rate and you hit the limiter 6 times in that short log so you are probably losing a lot of time from that. Also your launch limiter decay is possibly too long as well - unless you have a traction issue. Reduce your limiter decay time to something more like 50-100ms (currently you have 400ms). I would also suggest changing the RPM limiter cut effect to adaptive as constant mode can result in the same cylinders being repeatably cut, adaptive mode is more randomised.

Secondly, your knock control is not set up well at all and is pretty much pulling 4deg out of every cylinder for the whole run, so you are probably throwing away some power there.

Closed loop lambda is locked out for most of the run - since you are using a Link CAN lambda and sensible trim limits I wouldnt hesitate to have that active full time.

Charge temp table is zeroed out and you still have the IAT trim table active so this will give twice as much air temp compensation than it should, I suspect you will find lambda a bit variable from day to day set up like this. Typically for modelled fuel equation you need the charge temp table somewhere close to realistic (example in the help file works pretty well for many engines) and the IAT trim table would be disabled. You will need to completely retune your VE table if you change those now though.

Your fuel pressure is also quite unstable, it would have been better to set the fuel system type to "FP sensor" then the ecu would automatically adjust inj PW to compensate. Again be aware if you enable this option now you will likely need to retune some of the VE table as with it previously set to "MAP referenced" the ecu assumes the fuel pressure varies 1:1 with manifold pressure.

I quickly checked your files and the first thing I saw is that your Lambda Target is leaner at 37.7 PSI than 34.4, and you are currently sitting between those 2 cells in your 4th gear. In a case of an overboost, you would be targeting a leaner mixture and that could be catastrophic.

You could also lower your wastegate spring and use a boost solenoid to get a better boost curve, as yours oscillate a bit in 4th gear.

I'm not a really a pro at reviewing drag logs, but your IAT is climbing pretty high at 70C, maybe check your intercooler setup or add ducting to prevent this.

thank you guys for checking my tune.

i will change my map according to your advises.

and one more thing. after some more positive pressure on boost when i let off the gas car shuts down. cruising, parking whenever i let off the throttle car shuts down. what should i do to solve this issue?

hello again. solved car idle control and car shuts down in traffic issue by increasing idle base Position table. it was 3. now its 8today i made 3th and 4th gear pull using 95 octane fuel +50/50 water methanol injection. While run there is huge knock accurs on cylender 2. is there anyway to solve this issue?/there is something with heads slapping that area since after i got my iag900 blongblock heard with headseat im sure it was not piston slap/


The knock control system will not be useful until it is tuned and validated. You will really need audio knock equipment to do a decent job of it. I suggest you tune knock control off (or set max retard to 0) so it is not interfering while you are tuning. There is a G4+ knock control webinar in the archives which will give you some guidance.

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