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Rx7 FD Hall Effect Sensor Problem

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Hi everyone, I have a problem concerning a Hall Effect Sensor.

Basically the Rx7 FD has Two VR Sensors, I chose to replace them by a FFE Trigger Hall Kit.

The kit includes :

- A Trigger Wheel 36-1

- A Hall Sensor and his connector.

The kit is that one : https://fullfunctioneng.com/product/fd-trigger-hall/

I wired it properly as explained on the website.

For the Signal ( Trigger 1 ) and Ground I used the OEM Loom VR wires, and added a third wire for the 12V.

Concerning the Settings in the Software I followed the instruction of the website and it looks like that :

Trigger setup :

Trigger Mode >> Multitouth / Missing

Trigger Priority >> Trig 1

Trigger 1 setup :

Trigger 1 Type >> Optical / Hall

Pullup Resistor >> OFF

Trigg 1 Edge >> Falling

MultitouthPsn >> Crank

Touth count >> 36

Mising teeth>> 1

Concerning the Trigger 2, it's unused, and it seems like I can't disable it, is it a problem ?

I tried to crank the Engine today and nothing happened, previously I have done an injector test and a spark test, everything was running fine.

After a few tries, I decided to check the ECU statistics and I saw no RPM registered, so I think that the Hall sensor isn't working.

I also noticed that the sensor looks very close from the trigger wheel, less than a half milimeter away.

Any advices ?

Thanks in advance.

You sure you're supposed to be supplying 12v to that sensor without a pullup? Last I checked/used one FFE sensors didn't have one on their supply lead.

The only one information I have found is ont this Pdf.


Someone already asked the question to FFE, and the give a response about that, I quote the message of a rx7club forum member.

"I actually contacted FFE earlier this year about the same thing, and he said that the Hall Effect sensor has a built in pull-up resistor, so you don't need to add one. This is obviously assuming you have the 3-wire Hall Effect sensor and not the mag"

Trigger 1 pull-up will need to be set to on. On trigger 2 make sure the sync mode is set to none. The rest of your settings look ok. Those littlefuse sensors arent usually too sensitive to air gap so that sounds ok as it is.

So, I have to glad you many thank, I modified those two settings and tried crank it.

And it started!

I have now ignition and fuel, it's time to tune it!

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