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Should I have got a base tune before throwing heaps of goodies on the motor?

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Hello all,

I'm relatively new to wrenching to any degree like what i've gotten myself into but I love how much i'm learning. My R33 GTR started making some "funny" noises and I decided it would be safest to pull the motor and refresh as a minimum. I have a 600whp goal since before I bought the car and figured I may as well get it all ready and on there at the same time. I wasn't planning on doing the work when the car starting making the sound and didn't have the ECU purchased yet. Since the car may have had bearing failure I knew that running it was not a good idea and opted to not grab a base tune for fear of doing damage to the block / crank, etc.

I am even more new to tuning than I am to wrenching (never tuned) so apologies if this is common knowledge. Would it be wisest to not do any power adders until I put the motor back in (stock turbos and all) and do a base tune or are there other options?

Build plan for power adders as a reference is essentially motive videos 10 second GTR build:

Tomei Poncam Type B cams

Garret GTX 3582R Gen 2 turbo with vband 6 boost manifold

Upgraded wastegate

Link G4 ECU

E85 flex fuel system

Larger Fuel pump/s

R35 coilpacks

Unsure on injector size just yet..leaning towards 1600cc bosch stainless

Adjustable CAM gears

Lots of other supporting mods too but I don't know if that would affect the initial tune (bigger radiator, intercooler, oil cooler, etc)

Build the motor and then the tune from scratch. No need to install it, tune, overhaul, then do the tune all over again. The courses here should be able to show you how to build a tune from scratch, which is essentially what you would have to do anyway with all the modifications.

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