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Simple switch VVT control

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I am setting up a Mercedes M104 engine running a G4+ Thunder ECU. The engine has a cam wheel with only one tooth and uses a simple on/off VVT setup which activates a magnet to allow oil pressure into the cam gear. Can this setup be converted to run truly variable instead of on/off? If not, should I be using the VVT functions in PClink, or should I set up a GP output to switch based off of RPM? The VVT functions seem to want a cam wheel with multiple teeth which I don't have. Also- If I use a GP output, will this cause issues with loss of sync when the VVT is activated?

I think I've figured out the answer to my loss of sync question. The tooth is fixed to the gear, which won't change in relation to the crank. I am still wondering if there's a way to set this up through the VVT functions, or if I'm better off just switching it on to advance at low rpm then back off to retard at high rpm, as Mercedes intended.

Typically a "switched cam" variable valve timing system is only designed to work either on or off. It will have some sort of mechanical locking device that allows it to only work in two states. You cant control it like a continuously variable system.

Set your aux output to CAM - switched and set the conditions you want it to activate under.

Awesome. Thank you for your help!!

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