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Tuning for Load as TPS vs MAP

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Hi I want to tune the engine for TPS so as I understand I config load as BAP and the fuel and Ignition tables as Load being TPS. do I need a MAP sensor still and if so how best to use it.

Any tricks or advises would be great as well. Thanks

You can set the equation source to BAP or MAP depending on your application. Obviously if it is Turbo you will need MAP in the equation. If it is NA then many just use BAP and dont have any MAP connected. If the engine is NA and in a car then I normally like to use a MAP connected to the airbox, then if the is any restriction or aerodynamic effects (positive or negative) they are taken care of.

Adam@linkecu : great .. so for N/A daily use you recommended use TPS.

Thanks Adam

"great .. so for N/A daily use you recommended use TPS."

You probably havent given enough info about your engine to be jumping to that conclusion...

You would normally only use TP as the main load reference if there was some problem with using Speed Density (MAP). That would mostly be situations such as ITB's or high overlap valve timing where the MAP signal was weak or unstable. If your engine is nothing too wild and has a reasonable level of vacuum at idle then you will most likely get a better tune using the more traditional MAP/MGP as the load axis.


I made the best experience with TPS vs RPM on the main Table and MGP vs RPM on 4D Table for turbocharged cars.

Lambda values are more stable during transition than only MGP vs RPM on the main table.

In my eyes the problem with MGP vs RPM in my eyes is, you can make 1.0bar of boost with 100% TP or with only 40% in steady state. Means if you tune in steady state, mixture is a bit to lean during WOT runs and to lean if you floor it out of a corner.

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