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V7-9 WRX pnp G4+ DBW conversion

Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial

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I can see in PcLink that it has the options for Drive by wire, im just wondering if its actually possible to change my plug and pay G4+ to run say a V10 WRX DBW throttle. I have the XS expansion looms and the only I/O i have are IAT, ethanol sensor, CAN lambda and i plan to put in a fuel pressure sensor so i should hopefully have enough I/O.

If anyone one else has done it id appreciate any advice

Provided your bottom board revision is V1.5 or later (see revision tag location below) then Exp 2 connector has Aux 9 &10 (for E-throttle motor) and 4 extra analog inputs (for pedal & TPS sub/main). You should still have enough spare I/O for the other sensors you mention.

So it is just a matter of wiring those inputs/outputs then doing the calibration and setup in the software. Pretty much all the local rally cars use it as antilag is much better with E-throttle.

My ecu is only 6 months old so fingers crossed its the right board. i will check and go from there.

Im installing a dbw Process West Inlet manifold and there seem to be a lot of benefits such as antilag so gonna give it a go. I have most of the parts there so ill see how I go

Ive finally had a chance to sit down and look at this. I found the diagram on the help file. It seems pretty straight forward. looks like i need to put a relay in for it as well so just want to confirm the 2 outputs ive circled and labelled are right.

Also in the v10 wrx wiring diagrams the pedal has dedicated 5V power and Ground for the main sensor running to the ecu and then uses a different 5V power circuit and ground for the sub sensor.

the V7-9 pnp has a signal GND and 5v power on expansion pins 1&2, would they be independent of the factory pins for sensor power and GND?

Hi Dan, No you dont need to wire in a separate E-throttle relay, on the plug-in ECU's this is done onboard. You will need to assign any spare aux out (or even a virtual aux) in the software to "E-throttle relay" for it to work.

The 5V & Gnd pins on the expansion connector are not isolated from the other common ECU sensor 5V & gnd, they are all connected internally to the same ground plane and 5V reg. Having said that it cant really cause a safety issue - just maybe not quite as error tolerant in some rare situations. With the standard ECU for instance if one AP sensor completely shorted to ground then the ecu would probably go into some limp mode but since one AP was still working it would still allow you to drive it with some fairly strict restrictions applied. With our ECU if one sensor completely shorted then it would go into limp mode, completely shut off the throttle and not be drivable at all.

Thanks for the quick reply Adam, that makes it super easy then. and good to know that the link will go into limp mode if the main failed. Ill just use a Virtual aux for the e-throttle relay.

In that case ill just hook up the power and grounds for the pedal together which makes things even easier.

Reminds me I need to send my plug in back to get modded so I can use e-throttle!

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